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A contributor is anyone who has made a pull request that has been merged, or successfully sent a patch to be applied otherwise.

Core developers

Core developers have special privileges and responsibilities compared to other contributors:

  • Can vote for and against merging pull requests (Two for-votes are required for code to be mergeable upstream. Any against vote has to be resolved in a meeting before merge.)
  • Has write access to the Minetest team's repositories on GitHub

The core team should all be people who are trusted and capable of reviewing C++ code if you ask them to. They don't necessarily need to have the time. However, if a core developer doesn't write or review any code for a long time, the trust disappears.


Core developers are assigned and unassigned by celeron55, based on these rules:

  • Only people who have already contributed to the project can be assigned to be core developers.
  • The person themselves or anyone else can propose someone to become or stop being a core developer. Do this by "/msg celeron55 blah blah", or by email.
  • Celeron55 accepts complaints about core developers and ultimately decides on unassignments.
  • Core developers, like other contributors, should document and publish their work in a way that allows another contributor to pick up on it if the core developer stops working on the project due to any reason.
  • If a person doesn't use their core developer privileges for 6 months, the privileges will be revoked for security reasons.

Past major changes

2015-11-02: The subsystem maintainer method was officially taken out of use. It had already been unofficially out of use for a long time. See the history of this page for details about how it worked.